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"Who wants a large and diverse set of killer breakbeats you can use over and over again for new grooves and Inspiration?"

The Simple Truth is I know for a Fact that Handfuls of Poor Quality Free Downloads are waste of time for the serious beat digger, The Solution is Available Right Here, Right Now!

You Get 600 Fantastic Soul, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop and Classic Breakbeats to Supacharge Your Beats and Grooves- and to save you even more money I Include FREE Shipping Worldwide!

If Your Looking for the 'Ultimate Collection' of Killa Breakbeats at a Money Saving Super Low Price - I've Got Exactly What You Need.

..If there's a part of you that loves cookin' & mashin' up beats...


- Breakbeat Encyclopaedia -


The Blueprint of Funk, Soul & Hip Hop    600 Breakbeats in .WAV & REX2 

- Sample Pack Download for fast access
- Unlock a Treasure Chest of Beats & Grooves
- Immediate access to 600 funky drum loops
- A unique & powerful resource that will last you forever
- Use REX2 files to extract grooves for your original beats
- Ready sliced for individual hits and kits
- Provides you with endless creative possibilities
- A bag full of fun!
- .WAV & REX2 - 16-bit / 44.1KhZ
Now Just $19.99 $9.99 USD!

Download 600 Killer Breakbeats in .wav and rex2 for just $7.99!"

The simple truth is that handfuls of poor quality free downloads are waste of time for the serious beat digger, the perfect solution is available right here, right now!

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If You're Looking for the 'Ultimate Collection' of Killa Breakbeats at a Money Saving Super Low Price - We've Got Exactly What You Need.


What This Download Pack Will Do For You?

I'm sure you know It can both frustrating and time consuming trying to compile a solid collection of breaks, by downloading low quality mp3s from various websites, the breaks are low quality, the downloads don't always work, the breaks aren't looped properly and have been badly sampled.

Breakbeat Encyclopaedia is the perfect solution to that problem.

Are you aware there's a HUGE stock of grooves here waiting to be mashed up in your sampler, this stuff has that cool as **** 'live kit' sound providing the inspiration for thousands of killer grooves. This is the sort of stuff that guys like Primo spent years digging for. Forget that... I've done all the hard work for you!

We're sure there's is part of you that loves mashin' up beats in your studio.... and I know for a FACT, you will not find a better breaks pack than Breakbeat Encyclopaedia.


You get 600 Fantastic Soul, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop and Classic Breakbeats!

My name is Nicolas Hall and this collection took me years to collect and months to edit and compile and you get it for $9.99! $7.99! I must be crazy...

Hold that thought and check out all that will be yours with your purchase - 600 breaks in .wav and the AWESOME rex 2 format, which allows you make groove templates, slice breaks, export them to your samplers and extract individual ones shots from breaks to make your own kits up. This is such cool tool for producers and song writers alike, due to speed in which your up and running with great groove. Getting bogged down with technical stuff can be a hindrance to creativity, rex2 removes that hindrance in nanosecond. If you haven't used this format before, you should try it, it's amazing for working with breaks.<

You also receive free digital delivery!

You may want to purchase today because Breakbeat Cafe has been redesigned and I have some new producer series products coming soon that will be alot more expensive, the new site will be launched very soon and Breakbeat Encyclopaedia will be discontinued, so if there's part of you that wants to own this huge selection of handy and helpful breaks that, I'd recommend you take action today.

Nicolas Hall

P.S. We are at our very best, and we are happiest, when we are fully engaged in work we enjoy on the journey toward the goal we've established for ourselves. It gives meaning to our time off and comfort to our sleep. It makes everything else in life so wonderful, so worthwhile.


This means they can be easily utilised, manipulated, sliced,diced & mashed up to your own unique taste...

Most producers want sh** they can use immediately  in producing, song writing or just for the damn joy of it!


Check Out What People are Saying about The CD

"Just recieved the order here in the states.
that f*#$ing "Breakbeat Encyclopaedia" disc was worth immeasurably more than $20 itself. No sh!t..."
B Kriegermeier

"I picked it up and have no problem recommending it. for $10 i dont think much else can contest it".

"Hi Nicolas
I got the CD ok last week. I wanted to commend you for putting this CD together with such a high quality of excellence. I have bought a few cds here and there priced around $10 and none of them come anywhere close to the level of quality you put together.
I think the library really excels with the REX files and how you can load individual slices into ReDrum or extract the grooves in other sequencers. Just AMAZING stuff Thanks"
Elliot Fienberg

I received your breakbeat CD yesterday...
Some great sounds on there, really great breaks, so thanks for that..."
Domhnall O'Sullivan

"This isn't just handful of world-class breakbeats...
It's like backing up a lorry and raiding the baddest record collection of all time for every killa breakbeat and ounce of funkiness known to man!, If your music relies on funky beats you need to own the breakbeat encyclopaedia sample cd"

"Hey Nick,
Thanks so much. The cd is AWESOME You can tell you put a lot of work into it.

"Just wanted to big you up for that breaks CD...for me to say its DOPE!would be a huge understatement. to be honest I havent even gone though half of it yet.
ive been reccommending it on FP whenever the breaks subject comes up...
Respect for the disc, and best of luck"